Maggie Nicholson
End of Life Champion

Hi, my name is Maggie Nicholson.
I am a support worker at css and also have the role of end of life champion.
I was chosen for the role due to my life experiences and being a caring and compationate person.
myself and daniel link work together to bring you the help you may need when the time arrises.
At this stressful time we all need a little extra help to find out whats out there to make transion easiest for all concerned.
some times just a freindly ear and a strong shoulder can make our load a little lighter to carry.
we will try to find out and pass on any information that can benifit you and your families.
David Roy
Wellbeing Champion
My name is David Roy and I am one of the CSS Wellbeing Champion.
Our role is to highlight the importance of general wellbeing in todays society, promoting metal health awareness and resilience whilst supporting people to focus on their own mental health.
I support people with anything from tips, advice and signposting to providing a safe supportive space to talk about the things that matter most to you.
I enjoy travel (when possible), walking, snooker and watching sport. I am trying to learn another language.
I wanted to become a wellbeing champion as I believe everyone should have a chance for better mental health and to realise their potential for resilience.
About me – I have a calm empathic and supportive nature and work in a professional and confidential manner. I have worked for CSS since August 2016, as a support worker for 10 years. I have also worked as a volunteer caseworker for Victim Support for 5 years (2009-2014) and as a volunteer BACP counsellor at a counselling service for 2.5 years (2013 -2015).
David Green
Wellbeing Champion and Supported Loving Champion

I’ve worked for CSS since March 2015 and I am a wellbeing and supported Loving champion. 

As part of my role as a well-being champion at CSS I have completed a mental health first aid course.  I am a good listener and non-judgemental.  I have helped several people, talked and listened to them and mediated situations between them and management where required.  The reason I wanted to be a wellbeing champion is the same reason I wanted to be a support worker, I enjoy listening to people and helping them in any way I can.

I suffered with serious depression in my younger days and suicidal thoughts and understand it can happen to anyone and sometimes all we need is to know is that someone cares and will listen. Anything said to me is in total confidence and I would only approach management with an issue on the persons authorisation.

Recently I have become one of CSS’s supported loving champions.  I did this as I feel it’s really important to help the people, we support in every way possible and feel this is an area that we can build on to improve the support we provide.


Daniel Link
End of Life Champion

My name is Daniel Link, I am a support worker at Community support services. I put myself forward to be an End of Life champion due to being passionate about raising awareness around death and dying and to hopefully make a difference to those I support and work with. I am open to help in any way possible throughout any aspect of end of life and will lend an ear o those who need it.

Libby Normanton
Flu Champion and Infection Prevention & Control Champion (IPC).

My name is Libby Normanton and I have worked for Community Support Services since 2016. I am the Quality performance and Audit Manager and also have the roles of Flu Champion and Infection Prevention & Control Champion (IPC).

Being a Flu Champion involves keeping our staff and the people who use our service up to date regarding information for the NHS annual Winter Flu vaccination and liaising with the local authority Contracts team.

The role of IPC Champion involves keeping up to date with guidance from the Government, NHS and Public Health England.  I attend webinars and distribute relevant information to our staff and the people who use are service.  I ensure staff are fully trained and competent in IPC measures.  The role also involves sourcing and ensuring we have sufficient PPE for our staff team.

Kelly Grain

Rowena O’Shea
Supported Loving Champion

Working with young adults is extremely rewarding, especially when we can see how our support has improved their lives.  Empowering individuals with learning disabilities to have the same experiences as others whilst keeping them safe can be difficult and often frustrating.  I am really passionate about supporting people to explore the world of relationships, sex and sexuality safely.  Within this role I also act as a mentor and to other staff and I’m involved in the continuous development and training for the people we support and our staff team.

Kelly Grain

Michaela Vear
Supported Loving Champion

Supporting people to have safe and meaningful relationships is really important.  I wanted to be involved with the supported loving champion role to help to remove the social stigma around relationships, sex and sexuality for people with learning disabilities.  Just because someone has a learning disability doesn’t mean they do not have the right to experience relationships and love. They have the same feelings and desires as everyone else and should be supported to explore this. 

As a supported loving champion, I am also involved in the training and development of our staff at CSS, developing their knowledge and experience within this area, so they can provide outstanding support.

Jordan Regan
Supported Loving Champion

I wanted to be involved in the supported loving scheme as it’s a gap within health and social care and something that I know will improve the lives of the people we support.  I really like learning new things and know I can make a difference in this role.