Driving Up Quality is an essential part of growing as a company.

At CSS we have remained passionate about improving the services we offer to people.

We fully accept that we have a responsibility to ensure the people who use our services are happy with our provision and are instrumental in helping us continually drive up the quality services that we provide.  Our aim is to provide both staff and service users with a positive experience at all times.

We have a number of external auditors such as the CQC, Calderdale Compliance, Health and Safety Compliance, along with our internal monitoring systems which support our drive to be the best we can be.

We recognise that quality can only be maintained if self analysis is carried out in a       transparent way to identify areas that could be tweaked, altered or stopped.

Driving up quality makes us look at ourselves in a critical way, for the  benefit of the people we support and employ and helps us ensure our services are designed and shaped around the person rather than the person having to fit into our service.

We are proud of our company ethos of providing Person Centred led support. The person we support must always come before the  service we offer. That is why we care about driving up quality. We are proud of our CQC overall rating of GOOD in all areas. and continually strive to be acknowledged as an OUTSTANDING provider.

The CQC has 5 Key Lines Of Enquiries when inspecting a Care Provider. These are:

* Are you safe?

* Is the care effective?

* Is the company and staff caring?

* Are they responsive to people’s needs?

* Is the company well-led?

We believe our 6 core values enhance what is required by the CQC by being a Person Led service which puts the   PERSON at the centre of everything we do, including being open to new ideas, changing the way we of do things and learning from things that go wrong.


Quality Assurance Questions for people CSS support

1. How well do you feel CSS involve you in making decisions about your safety and support planning?

People said:

‘I am always asked about what I want to do’.

‘This is always a topic of conversation and we regularly review it’.

‘I was fully involved when putting my support plan together’.

‘People talk to me about dangers and how I can keep myself safe’.

2. How CSS use imaginative ways to understand your wishes and needs?

People said:

‘I have had help to find different things to do to help me meet people’.

‘My support worker helps me go to new places to try new things’.

‘I am always asked what I need’.

‘My staff have been trained about my condition and know me well’.

 3. How well do staff at CSS understand your support needs?

People said:

‘Very well’.

‘They support me to do what I want with my time’.

‘My staff know me well and they read my support plan’.

‘They have known me for years they are really good’.

 4. Are CSS easy to contact?

People said:

‘Every time I need someone I just call them’.

‘I always manage to talk to them’.

‘I phone them when I need to and they always answer’.

‘The on-call is a good idea there is always someone to listen’.

5. How well do you feel CSS staff are trained to meet your individual needs?

People said:

‘Very good they always can answer my questions’.

‘The staff are well trained’.

‘The staff know what to do they are trained well’.

‘They understand how to support me in different ways because of their training’.

6. How would you rate the overall service you receive from CSS?

People said:

‘Excellent support’.

‘They are always on time’.

‘They do everything to help you’.

‘I get great support’.

7. If you use your CSS portal, how do you feel this has improved your communication with CSS?

People said:

‘It’s so easy to compliment my staff’.

‘I am just starting to use it and it’s great’.

‘I can see my rota and my staff’.

‘I love reading about my staff’.

POOR  –  1% of people questioned rated this poor as they did not use the portal.


8. Do you have any ideas that would help us improve your experience with CSS?

People said:

‘I am happy with my staff I would just like more time with them’.

‘No all good’.

‘I am happy with my service’

‘More karaoke please’.

Quality Assurance Questions for Families

1. Thinking about the service CSS provides to your family member, how would you rate this overall?

Families said:

‘Staff are very caring and look after LH very safely’

‘Lots of variety to do and keeps RJ active which I like’

‘Well led professional staff. Open and honest communication at every level’

2. How would you rate CSS’ flexibility when requesting changes to support sessions?

Families said:

‘Have almost always had requested changes met.’

‘Will always try to accommodate changes’

‘Always able to change arrangements or provide emergency support’

On the rare occasion when requested, there has never been any issues’

3. Thinking about your contact with CSS, how would you rate this?

Families said:

‘Staff give good clear feedback after a session’

‘Discussion and forward planning with DH was very good’

‘I have no problem contacting CSS by phone ‘

‘Every member of staff is always professional and friendly and if they can’t answer a query  [they] are aware of [the] internal systems to escalate’

4. How would you rate the professionalism of the service?

Families said:

‘Has really good quality assurance systems and staff

supervision seems to be working well’

‘Staff always want to be providing a good service, and will ask me what sort of activities she   enjoys’

‘Very professional, will not discuss private things in public’

‘Consistent professional service. They never see an issue as a problem, instead they see it as a learning opportunity to address and

resolve as appropriate.’

5. How would you rate the impact the CSS portal has had on improving communication and access to the information we hold on your family member?

Families said:

‘RJ and I have received top class information and services, especially during a recent hospital admission’

‘[Very informative] .. We asked for it to be restricted to view rota only’

NOT ANSWEREDThese families say they still prefer to contact via phone or in person

6. Do you have any ideas that would help improve your experience with CSS?

‘No, we are very satisfied with the service provided for SD over the years’

One person said:

Provide info on the CSS portal for those who don’t use Facebook.’

What we are doing: 

All future events and information put on Facebook is now replicated on the CSS Portal’  (Aug 2018)




We have realised from this question that not all families and people we support  are confident in using our on-line portal.

For 2019 we will focus on raising awareness in our portal function and to assist people to get maximum benefit from its functions.


Quality Assurance Questions for Staff

1. Thinking about the support you receive from your supervisor/management team, how would you rate this?

What staff said: 

‘I have had personal issues and the support I received from my supervisor and management has been fantastic’

‘Management team are fantastic and go above and beyond’.

‘Management team are always there when I need them’.

‘I have nothing but praise for my supervisor & senior management. They are approachable, fair, friendly and supportive’.

2. How would you rate the training you have received during your employment?

What staff said: 

‘The training has made me a better support worker, as it has given me extra knowledge and confidence’.

‘The training I have received is always at an exceptional standard…. and I have been able to put [it] to use in my job role’.

‘I had very few qualifications when I started working for CSS.  [I now] teach other staff in

Moving & Handling’.

3. How would you rate the opportunity you have for sharing any compliments or concerns?

What staff said: 

‘Giving compliments and concerns is easily done via our portal as well as being private’.

‘This helps boost morale and can also change [how] others work’.

‘Rated Outstanding’. It is so easy to pass on compliments & concerns via our portal’.

‘Sharing compliments and concerns via the portal is a really good way to make the service improve’.

‘It is so easy to do on the portal and I have used it several times’.

4. How would you rate CSS’ flexibility in meeting your employment needs?

What staff said: 

‘All I can say is “BRILLIANT”.

‘Due to personal issues I had to change the hours I worked. CSS were extremely understanding and allowed me to fit my hours around my personal life’.

‘CSS have always been exceptional with their flexibility and accommodating my needs, even as a last minute basis. EXTREMELY grateful!’

‘CSS have given me shifts to help around childcare’.

‘Rated Outstanding…CSS has been amazing’

5. When sharing information about service users and employment opportunities, how would you rate CSS?

What staff said: 

‘Information is shared on a need to know basis. Good communication to service users and confidentiality is kept’

‘Management keeps us updated on any changes about service users that we need to know’.

‘As for me over the last 10 years its given me opportunities to better myself more than I’ve achieved before’.

‘Rated outstanding… Portal is brilliant..  Care plans well written’

‘Easily seen on the portal, [with] job opportunities [also] shared on Facebook. CSS is good in this respect’.

6. How would you rate the impact the CSS portal has had on improving communication and your access to your employment details i.e. holiday requests, accessing policies and procedures etc?

What staff said: 

‘Rated outstanding.. Easy to access information and see how many annual leave days left for the year. [It] will flash up if any information re@ S/U have been updated that needs to be read or if Policies & Procedures have been updated or reviewed which need to be read’.

‘Everything is at my fingertips. I can check on everything when I need to’.

‘So much better, if you submit a question you get an answer straight back. Policies & Procedures are at hand to read’

‘The portal [is] making it better when you need information ASAP, or to change plans & booking holidays’

‘Rated Outstanding… The portal is FANTASTIC!’

POOR rating  –  These were received from staff who are not connected to the internet and felt ‘left behind’.

What CSS will do to make it better:

There are still staff who are paper based, and still receive paper rotas. Following this feedback there will better communication about other information that needs sharing, such as re-reading updated policies and procedures, care plans etc.

 7. Do you have any ideas that would help us improve your experience with CSS?

What staff said: 

‘A 2 week rolling rota would be much better so I am able to make appointments etc’.

What CSS said:

We have previously piloted providing 4 weekly rotas to employees but found that due to the flexibility of our service delivery and our passion to meet the ever changing needs of people who use the service, we were having to regularly contact employees to change their rotas. This resulted in employees being fed up with constant changes to their original rota and us being unable to meet service user request as some employees had made personal arrangements and couldn’t meet the new request. We always do our utmost to make arrangements so employees can attend personal appointments.

What staff said: 

The majority of my policies & procedures ‘expire’ at the same time. How about the portal recognises when they are read prior to expiration?’

What CSS said: 

The portal now gives the expiration date of every policy and they can now be read up to 3 months before the expiry date and the system will record that it has been re-read.

What staff said: 

‘It would be a good idea if the Quality Assurance questionnaires are put on the portal. It would flash up annually when due. It would save paper’.

What CSS said: 

Fantastic idea! For our next DUQ questionnaires we will definitely upload these to the portal which will help us save lots of paper!


It is very important to us that we work to a level that satisfies our six key

Lines Of Enquiry. This Quality Assurance Assessment has to evidence….



Ask someone what is important to them, what they feel passionate about, you’ll discover where their  energy lives and how you can engage it. We believe we can only provide outstanding support to the   people we support, and to our staff, if we engage with them, and that is what we do!!

The Management Team are very approachable and spend time in the company of our staff and the people we support. This way promotes a sense of being on a journey together, the journey of life.



The definition of ‘Effective’ is being successful in producing a desired or intended result. The intended  result is to provide a service that promotes the greatest quality of life whilst being as independent as      possible for the people we support, as well as providing staff with a clear way of working in an                atmosphere where they want to continue to work in. We pride ourselves on retaining great staff, some of whom started as a support workers and are now Mangers and Trainers themselves.



We believe responsive means reacting quickly and positively. We believe we provide a flexible service that is also responsive to changing social patterns. With over 20 years experience,  we would not have grown as much as we have if  our person centred led support hadn’t been responsive. Social awareness and patterns have dramatically changed over the years and we have adapted our service to break down barriers and be a forerunner in outstanding care in Calderdale.



We believe responsive means reacting quickly and positively. We believe we provide a flexible service that is also responsive to changing social patterns. With over 20 years experience,  we would not have grown as much as we have if  our person centred led support hadn’t been responsive. Social awareness and patterns have dramatically changed over the years and we have adapted our service to break down barriers and be a forerunner in outstanding care in Calderdale.



We believe that ‘Open’ means that we provide support in a way that others can participate in. It means that we provide a level playing field where everybody participates using the same set of rules. ‘Open’ also means transparency to us. We invite trust by revealing that we have nothing to hide, as this report       highlights not only the good bits, but also the areas we are trying to improve. We have established we   provide an honest, credible person centred support service, in the eyes of others.



Our Needs-Led service is a systematic process for determining and addressing needs, or “gaps” between current conditions and desired conditions or “wants”. We believe in independence, diversity, equality, privacy and inclusion. The support we offer is centred around the individual, who leads us, and other   outside agencies, to support their needs.

We believe that our staff are trained to the highest standard, which can then be actioned in their support work. We believe that choosing the correct training provider to meet our needs is essential to promote growth in our company. Feedback from our staff about the training they received at Best Practice Training, and their improved knowledge and work standards, showed us that we have found the best training provider.

Best Practice Training identified our organisational needs and then designed a high quality and effective training tailored specifically for us. Below is some reviews left by our staff to the trainer about their training sessions.

Andy B:
I have recently attended Best Practice Training UK for the Introduction to Epilepsy (1 day) training and The Care Certificate (6 days), and in a couple of days will also be attending the Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day) course which will all help me in my job role. You’re always made to feel welcome and relaxed throughout, and the training was excellent. Claire delivers the courses in a fun and relaxed manner that helps you absorb the information and get through the course without feeling like you’ve just sat a 12 hour exam. If you’re looking for training for your  workplace or workforce I recommend you see what they can offer.

Sasha E:
I’ve learnt so much over the last 3weeks working through my care certificate at Best Practice training centre its a nice, relaxing, clean working environment. Never in the 10 years I have worked in care have I experienced such effective, professional training. I just want to say a Big thank you to the lovely Claire Turner for being amazing. Such a happy, positive lady and for teaching us in a fun, enjoyable way making it easy to understand. Also thanks to David who teaches the person centred awareness session and for sharing his experiences with us all. It’s so good to hear things from his point of view well done David.

Justin A:
I have recently attended Best Practice and I have to say that the courses are really enjoyable and the training provider is really good at what she does as she brings the best out of all of us. She provides us with the learning in a very unique and positive way like no other when she explains it all in a way that we can understand. I would recommend anyone as it provides you with a great deal of knowledge and experience and you can meet new people.

Danielle D:
Attend my first training course at Best Practice and felt really welcome as soon as I arrived and the whole time I was there. The training was excellent and time was made to deal with any questions that I had around the training. The training will help me in my role at work and others that I work with. 10/10 .

Louise C:
Recently completed my care certificate at Best Practice Training, never thought I would enjoy training as much as I did! Claire, Tracy and David were all absolutely brilliant, they made everyone feel welcome and made training interesting and fun, can’t recommend Best Practice Training enough!

Daniel L:
Really interactive and relaxed. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in a short space of time.

Carol K:
I really enjoyed my training, gave me a better understanding for what I have to do in my role, made to feel really welcome and a relaxed place to be, looking forward to more  training with best practice.