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Why do we care about Driving Up Quality?

At CSS we have remained passionate about improving the services we offer to people.

We fully accept that we have a responsibility to ensure the people who use our services are happy with our provision and are instrumental in helping us continually drive up the quality services that we provide.

We aim to provide both staff and service users with a positive experience at all times.

We have a number of external auditors such as the CQC, Calderdale Compliance, Health and Safety Compliance  etc along with our internal monitoring systems which support our drive to be the best we can be.

We recognise that quality can only be maintained if self analysis is carried out in a transparent way to identify

areas that could be tweaked, altered or stopped due to a change of need.

Driving up quality makes us look at ourselves in a critical way, for the benefit of the people we support and helps us ensure our services are designed and shaped around the person rather than the person having to fit into our service.

We are proud of our company ethos of providing Person Centred led support. The person we support must always come before the service that is offered. That is why we care about driving up quality. We are proud of our CQC overall rating of GOOD in all areas.

Our Latest Care Quality Commission Audit – June 2016?

The following statements are taken from their recent audit.


“People using the service and relatives told us staff were reliable, kind and caring and always provided care and support in line with the support plan in place. We found staff provided a person centred service”.

“People using the service, relatives and staff we spoke with were very positive about the registered manager. They all said the registered manager was committed to providing the best service they could offer, was approachable and provided effective leadership. People told us they would recommend the service to other people”.

“There was a quality assurance monitoring system in place that was designed to continually monitor and improve the service provision”.

“There were robust systems in place to assure quality and identify any potential improvements that could be made. This meant people benefited from a constantly improving service that they were at the centre of”.

We asked people who used the service if they felt safe. One person told us they knew all about the safeguarding procedures and how to report any kind of abuse. A relative said, “Absolutely one hundred and ten per cent. [Name] lives round the corner. I am fully confident in the staff and the support that is provided”.

“She is very relaxed and comfortable when the carers are with her. One of the good things is that there has been little turn-over in staff since she started”.

We asked staff if they felt supported. One care worker told us, “I get supervision and it gives me the opportunity to discuss and resolve any issues. I most definitely feel supported and my confidentiality is respected.” A second person said, “I get supervision and get feedback about my performance and any compliments which have been received about me.”

We asked people who used the service about the staff who supported them. One person told us, “All staff deserve recognition about the way they look after us. They are friendly, polite and work well together as a team. It is all about what I want.”

Feedback Summary in numbers 2017

This year we sent out 341 questionnaires. We assessed them using our traffic light system:-


Everything positive
Everything positive with suggestions to make things even better
One or more negative feedback comments

Itemised Results


Are you happy with the service you receive?

100% positive
0% negative

What we have done to make things better from feedback received…

  1. “I would like to change the Day Services I attend”.

The service user has been supported to contact their Social Worker. A meeting was arranged and the service user is currently awaiting a decision.


  1. “I would like to see better communication with information regarding Group Holidays”.

The Director has spoken to the Holiday Manager to ensure all families, including families who are separated, are kept up-to-date with planning and arrangements and they have added a ‘Named Person’ on all return forms.


  1. “The Sensory Room at Aachen Hall can sometimes be cluttered”.

The Day Service’s Manager was immediately informed of this. A deadline was set for the cleaning and removal of any unnecessary items and the room is now monitored regularly to ensure the high standards are maintained.


  1. “I forget names easily and I forget who is coming”.

After a discussion with the service user to see what they would prefer, all staff who support this person have been given ‘Named Badges’. The service user has also been supported to learn to access the CSS Portal so they can now remind themselves whenever they need to.

  1. “My 1-2-1 support hours are used for appointments, shopping etc. I don’t mix with people but I want to”.

Staff discussed with the service user where they would like to go to socialise and they said they wanted to join the lively Bowling Group on a Thursday evening. They were supported to relay this request to social services who increased their


support by 3 hours so they can still do all the things they need to do but also go out, have fun, socialise and make new friends.

Things that we are really PROUD of this year…


This day service with a difference has been in operation from July 2015, since that time it has gone from strength to strength delivering bespoke services for adults who have a learning support need.

The Addy boasts a very successful and popular ‘Preparation for Employment’ programme. The programme is designed to help those with a learning support need to learn the skills employers are looking for; with a 100% success rate at securing paid employment for the participants it continues to grow and is becoming the ‘go to’ referral for Adult Health & Social Care Services.

The Addy has also provided the opportunity for a brand-new business venture for people who use the service. In September 2016 Community Works (Mixenden) was created. Community Works (Mixenden) is a not for profit social enterprise company limited by guarantee. Community Works (Mixenden) boasts a range of services from gardening to up-cycling furniture, it also has a very popular community café and an ironing service. The creation of Community Works (Mixenden) has opened employment opportunities to people who use our services where there previously were none.


In January 2016, in response to what we felt was a lack of quality training provisions for our care workers, we launched Best Practice Training. This facility is led by an experienced training and development manager who works closely with Community Support Services to meet our training requirements. Best Practice Training also employs specialist associates who have a variety of skills,

knowledge and experience. The training provided by Best Practice Training is high quality and effective. Staff are then supported by managers and supervisors to ensure the skills and knowledge gained is implemented into the workplace.

At Best Practice Training, we are extremely proud of the fact that we employ individuals who themselves receive support to assist with our delivery of training. Individuals who use Community Support Services

have co-facilitated courses in Person Centred Support, Introduction to Epilepsy, Autism Awareness and the Care Certificate, sharing Best practice with the local authority and care providers across Calderdale. This has given the individuals involved the opportunity to gain confidence, share their knowledge and gain invaluable life experience in a paid employment role.

We’ve also set up a number of network meetings including groups for individuals who employ PA’s to assist with their care needs and for the PA’s themselves. We did this because we felt that PA’s and their employers were under-represented within the care sector and needed a place to gain information about best practice, funding and training alongside meeting new people and hearing from guest speakers including the local authority and Skills for Care.

Our courses, which aim to raise standards in the care community, have gained fantastic feedback. 85% of all our candidates have rated the course as ‘excellent’ while the other 15% have rated the training they’ve completed as ‘above average’. We ask all our candidates to provide written feedback after they have completed the course.

This feedback has included:

“After attending the First Aid course with Best Practice Training, I can honestly say it was by far the most enjoyable course I’ve completed. I was made to feel welcome throughout. The course content was great and delivered in a way that will help me put it into practice within my own role.”

“I would just like to say how much I enjoyed doing my Food Hygiene training in the practice today. It was such an enjoyable experience and so friendly”

“I attended my first training course here today on Personal Development Planning. It was interactive and I felt welcomed from the start. I learnt valuable skills/lessons that I can take not only into my job but also into life in general”

Things that we are really PROUD of this year – Turning dreams in realities

The Preparation for Employment Programme Practical Application

Monday 9th October – Saturday 14th October 2017

Community Works Mixenden is a not for profit organisation that was established in September 2016. It was founded to provide employment and training opportunities for adults with learning disabilities. Community Works Mixenden operates in conjunction with the Community Support Services ‘Preparation for Employment Programme’ from the resource centre in Mixenden.

In October 2017 Community Works Mixenden was given the opportunity to take over an empty unit in the Wool shops complex in Halifax. The unit was transformed into 2 separate areas; one side became a pre-owned clothing shop and the other a coffee shop, serving tea, coffee and cake.

The ability to split the area into two sections meant that the individuals on work placement were able to put into practical use a range of skills that they have learnt through the Preparation for Employment programme. It provided a real life chance to gain experience in a work place setting whilst being supported by trained staff from Community Support Services.

Each individual was able to put into practice the skills learnt at the resource centre, for example ironing, hanging,

sizing and pricing the merchandise. They were able to experience dealing with all aspects of customer service, operating the till, handling money and conversing with the customers; each skill integral to retail work.

The ability to communicate effectively is a skill that some of the individuals would have found challenging in the past, however, the Preparation for Employment programme recognises the importance of confidence and communication and focuses on building on the participants strengths in these areas throughout the programme.

The time spent working in the shop also made the individuals aware of how important good time keeping and commitment to task are to any work place and this opportunity provided the participants with the chance to sample what working life is really like. Having responsibility to complete tasks and the compromising position that working as a part of a team can generate was a valuable and productive exercise.

A component of the Preparation for Employment programme is work related training; as such, the participants who are undergoing their food safety awareness training were given the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice when working in the coffee shop. Following correct hygiene procedures when preparing drinks and cakes for the customers was paramount.

The town centre location of the shop meant that we were able to reach a wider audience, we spent time handing out flyers to the public explaining the Preparation for Employment Programme and what Community Works Mixenden has on offer for individuals who need that bit of extra help. This generated a large interest from people regarding the services offered and delivered by the adults employed by Community Works Mixenden

Following the success of this ‘pop up’ venture we are actively seeking to replicate it in the very near future, we are also looking into the possibility of it becoming a permanent asset and are liaising with Calderdale Councils Markets Manager in a bid to make this a reality.

The individuals that worked in the shop have been able to update their CV’s to reflect the skills they learnt and experience that they gained. Two of the individuals were able to realise their goals of working in the retail sector and are actively seeking future employment in this sector.

Things that we are really PROUD of this year – Our Communication Portal

Service User/Staff Communication Portal

The CSS Portal has definitely improved the quality of our service. It is the hub of our communications and is easy to use. At the touch of a button, a service user can see who is supporting them, or a member of staff can see who they have next and the address where they are meeting. The portal is used to complete ‘Outing Report Sheets’, which, where possi-ble, are completed by the staff and service user together at the end of the shift.

We value good communication. The CSS Portal has a one touch button to report a compliment, report a concern or just ask a question. With dedicated members of staff able to rapidly follow up, the time it takes from query to answer has been dramatically shortened. This makes any action necessary to be completed in real-time, when everything is fresh in people’s minds, resulting in more chance of a fast resolution.

Things that we are really PROUD of this year – Our Person Centred Approach

Our questionnaire asked how Person Centred is the service they receive. Below are some of the feedback answers…

‘They are better than my staff at home’! (G)

‘Fantastic company. Very Professional’. (SS)

‘I honestly can’t think of anything CSS can improve on. They provide an extremely complex care arrangement whilst remaining professional. I wrote to the CQC and praised CSS for their

1st class service. CSS have provided perfection which can’t be improved upon’ (S family)

‘I know staff listen to me because they sign with me’ (KE)

‘I wouldn’t be able to do the things I enjoy if staff didn’t listen to me’. (LH)

‘They answer my questions. They look at me when I’m talking’. (LL)

‘Because things happen and change’. (TN)

‘They listen to me through body language and vocal expressions’. (SS family)

‘Thank you for everything and making a difference to my life’. (DC)

Things that we are really PROUD of this year – Our Commitment to Inclusion

Being a part of society has always been a cornerstone of the support we offer. Without it, how does someone achieve as much independence as possible with a good quality of life, self esteem and confidence. We are proud of the activities we support service users with, and we are always up for a new challenge. In this year’s quality review, below are just some of the following activities that we have been complemented on by the people we support…

Group Holidays Abroad Drumming Lessons Yoga
Bingo Running Swimming
Diet & Healthy Eating Dance Gaining confidence
Jigsaws Interacting with others Ten Pin Bowling
Knitting Using/understanding PC’s Shopping
Preparation For Employment Massage Woodwork
Managing finances Rugby Following Man Utd
Learning to write Theatre going Learning to bake
Looking after pets/animals Learning independence Karaoke
Going to the pub Gardening Dog walking
Finding a job Socialising Attending Adult Learning
Sports Cooking Travel Training
Crafts Making a radio show weekly Zumba
Learning life skills Going to the cinema Visiting Museums
BTB Club Co-delivering training Ironing


The Care Awards are now in their 4th year and continue to celebrate the successes of people overcoming their own barriers to achieve what they want to do. It is not just an in-house awards ceremony, it involves all people with disabilities across Calderdale, irrespective of which care provider supports them, and we were proud to have sponsors from local business-es. Anyone can nominate, and this year we didn’t have categories because people’s successes were so diverse.. For more info, pictures and a video, please visit our Facebook page @ facebook.com/CSSHalifax

Thank you very much for taking time to read our Driving Up Quality Self Assessment 2017. We take great pride in the services we offer and are always looking at ways to be even better. If you have any feedback to give us about this assessment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you.


Name…Claire Baxendale………………

Company…Woodspeen Training…..


Why/how do you work in partnership with CSS ?

Woodspeen Training has delivered Health and Social Care and Business Administration qualifications at levels 2, 3 and 5 for the past 10 years for Community Support Services.




Tell us about your experience of working with CSS.

Please consider how we communicate with you, our professionalism, our organisational standards and how we work with our service users.


Over the past 10 years that we have worked with CSS, they have developed the service they provide to meet their clients and the local community needs. CSS have always had a strong belief about ensuring they provide a high quality service in everything they do. CSS have supported many of their staff to complete Health and Social Care qualifications, starting at level 2 and many have progressed to level 3 and 5 as they have taken on new more senior job roles.

Only recently have myself and serval staff from Woodspeen Training been able to access 1st Aid training provided by Best Practice Training. From my initial enquiry to the final day of the course the professionalism of all the staff was outstanding, weather this was over the phone, or face to face as part of the course. When ever we visit CSS we are always made to feel very welcome. All staff are very professional and passionate about everything they do.

Over the past 10 years we have spent many hours observing staff as part of their Health and Social Care qualifications. No matter what time of day or night we visit all staff give 100% in everything they do. All service users are treated with the highest levels of dignity and respect by all staff at all times and are encouraged to be as independent as possible in their own lives.


Claire Baxendale

Operations Manager Woodspeen Training















Thank you for taking time to complete this form.  Feedback received plays a huge part in helping us shape and improve our services.