Driving Up Quality is an essential part of growing as a company.

At CSS we have remained passionate about improving the services we offer to people.

We fully accept that we have a responsibility to ensure the people who use our services are happy with our provision and are instrumental in helping us continually drive up the quality services that we provide. Our aim is to provide both staff and service users with a positive experience at all times.

We have a number of external auditors such as the CQC, Calderdale Compliance, Health and Safety Compliance, along with our internal monitoring systems which support our drive to be the best we can be.

We recognise that quality can only be maintained if self analysis is carried out in a       transparent way to identify areas that could be tweaked, altered or stopped.

Driving up quality makes us look at ourselves in a critical way, for the benefit of the people we support and employ and helps us ensure our services are designed and shaped around the person rather than the person having to fit into our service.

We are proud of our company ethos of providing Person Centred led support. The person we support must always come before the service we offer. That is why we care about driving up quality.

We are proud of our CQC overall rating of OUTSTANDING IN ALL 5 AREAS and we will continually strive to maintain this rating.




What our inspector said:

  • “The service was exceptionally safe, people told us they felt safe. Staff were aware of their responsibilities in keeping people safe”
  • “There was a comprehensive and innovative approach to safeguarding, which enabled positive risk-taking to maximise their control over their lives”
  • “Robust recruitment procedures were in operation and promoted people’s involvement”



What our inspector said:

  • “The service was exceptionally effective, people received very flexible support that met their needs and wishes”
  • “Staff had been provided with bespoke training, supervision and appraisal at relevant frequencies so they had the skills to support people. People supported were involved in the delivery of training”


Is the company and staff CARING? – RATED *OUTSTANDING*

What our inspector said:

  • “The service was exceptionally caring, people told us their care workers made their lives better”
  • “Staff were highly motivated and offered care and support that was compassionate and kind”


Are they RESPONSIVE to people’s needs? – RATED *OUTSTANDING*

What our inspector said:

  • “The service was exceptionally responsive, services were tailored to meet the needs of individuals and delivered to ensure flexibility, choice and continuity of care”
  • “People were confident in reporting concerns o their care worker and registered manager and felt they would be listened to”



What our inspector said:

  • “The service was exceptionally well-led, the service had innovative ways of promoting a positive culture and involving people in the service”
  • “The culture of the service was inclusive and staff felt very valued by the registered provider”

We believe our 6 core values enhance what is required by the CQC by being a Person Led service which puts the PERSON at the centre of everything we do, including being open to new ideas, changing the way we of do things and learning from things that go wrong.


Ask someone what is important to them, what they feel passionate about, you’ll discover where their energy lives and how you can engage it. We believe we can only provide outstanding support to the   people we support, and to our staff, if we engage with them, and that is what we do!!

The Management Team are very approachable and spend time in the company of our staff and the people we support. This way promotes a sense of being on a journey together, the journey of life.


The definition of ‘Effective’ is being successful in producing a desired or intended result. The intended result is to provide a service that promotes the greatest quality of life whilst being as independent as possible for the people we support, as well as providing staff with a clear way of working in an atmosphere where they want to continue to work in. We pride ourselves on retaining great staff, some of whom started as a support workers and are now Mangers and Trainers themselves.


We believe responsive means reacting quickly and positively. We believe we provide a flexible service that is also responsive to changing social patterns. With over 20 years experience, we would not have grown as much as we have if our person centred led support hadn’t been responsive. Social awareness and patterns have dramatically changed over the years and we have adapted our service to break down barriers and be a forerunner in outstanding care in Calderdale.


The definition of safe according to the CQC is:

CSS must assess the risks to people’s health and safety during any care or treatment and make sure that staff have the qualifications, competence, skills and experience to keep people safe. CSS must make sure that the premises and any equipment used is safe and where applicable, available in sufficient quantities. Medicines must be managed safely and administered appropriately. CSS must prevent and control the spread of infection. CSS have built this into everything we do.


We believe that ‘Open’ means that we provide support in a way that others can participate in. It means that we provide a level playing field where everybody participates using the same set of rules. ‘Open’ also means transparency to us. We invite trust by revealing that we have nothing to hide, as this report highlights not only the good bits, but also the areas we are trying to improve. We have established we provide an honest, credible person centred support service, in the eyes of others.


Our Needs-Led service is a systematic process for determining and addressing needs, or “gaps” between current conditions and desired conditions or “wants”. We believe in independence, diversity, equality, privacy and inclusion. The support we offer is centred around the individual, who leads us, and other   outside agencies, to support their needs.



The following statements are taken from our recent audit

  1. Do you like the staff who support you?

People said:

  • ‘Yes, I get on with all the staff who support me really well’
  • ‘I like all staff’
  • ‘I like the staff who support me’
  • ‘I feel good with them [Support workers], I feel safe’
  1. Do you like the service CSS provides? 

People said:

  • ‘I like the service that CSS provides’
  • ‘Yes, the service is brilliant’
  • ‘Yes, they help me out’
  • ‘They are good staff, I’ve had support for [number of] years’
  1. How do you use your support time? 

People said:

  • ‘Go out for walks, buy things I need, have a good chat, go to the bank and shopping’
  • ‘Going on days out, helping me with finances, making appointment, shopping, cooing, cleaning’
  • ‘I go bowling’
  1. Do you choose what you want to do? 

People said:

  • ‘Yes, it’s always my decision’
  • ‘I choose what I want to do each day’
  • ‘Yes I get asked before I go out what I want to do’
  1. What things have you learned since being supported by CSS? 

People said:

  • ‘I can travel independently. I can cook better. I can look after my money better’
  • ‘I have learned to do my own washing, cleaning my room, making my bed, cooking. I have learnt how to do calorie counting’
  • ‘A lot of things, I have learned to stop drinking, I have learned how to look after myself. I am doing a maths and English course so I am learning a lot there. I have also learned how to cook’
  1. Do you have any ideas that would help us improve your experience with CSS?

People said:

ISSUE – ‘Better communication’.

ACTION – We contacted the service user and asked how we could improve this. The service user said although we have the portal to use if there are any changes for example to their rota to telephone them as well.

OUTCOME – We take on board what this person has said. We do feel that our portal provides people with am excellent platform for communication but will endeavour to telephone with any amendments.


ISSUE – ‘I have been upset with a member of staff with their attitude’.

ACTION – This was discussed with the house leader. Following a conversation with the member of staff, additional training needs were identified.

OUTCOME – The individual attended the identified training and improvement will be monitored ongoing during supervisions.


ISSUE – ‘Unhappy with one support worker’.

ACTION – The service user felt that one of the support workers who supported them was too young and did not understand them.

OUTCOME – The service user was spoken to by another support worker who regularly works with them and asked if they would like to be introduced to another worker.


The following statements are taken from our recent audit

Families were asked if they would like to provide information that would help us improve our service

Families said:

  • ‘S enjoys structure from the service and hopes that continuity of the same staff remains as at present’
  • ‘There are always staff around to discuss any problems’
  • ‘I would like to say what a wonderful service CSS provide. Nothing is too much trouble help is always available. Complaints are dealt with quickly and thoroughly. Brilliant outstanding service’
  • I feel [family member] is safe with the staff as they know their needs. I am really happy with the staff’
  • ‘I have peace of mind my [family member] is safe and they [staff] will respond and care for them’
  • ‘I know [family member] is safe. They have a better life because of them [the service]. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. They have changed our lives for the better’
  • ‘It’s always the same group of carers, which is amazing’
  • ‘Having the same team of carers is great as they get to know my [family member]’
  • ‘I think some staff know my [family member] better than I do, they are great’
  • ‘It’s consistent care. Having a stable team is brilliant’
  • ‘ Very efficient carers, I cannot fault this company’
  • ‘The training seems consistent as the staff are good’



The following statements are taken from our recent audit

  1. Thinking of a person who you have helped progress in their life, tell us how you did this?

What staff said:

  • ‘I work with someone who has a brain injury, I have supported them for three years and have made sure he does all his physio and have encouraged him to go on long walks as he has a weak left side. This year he climbed Ben Nevis, a big achievement for him!’
  • ‘My service user always sat in the stands at home team rugby matches but now he stands in the main stand with people. He goes to away games with me too and enjoys being with people’
  • ‘By encouraging my service user to speak up about what they want and when upset to talk to people’
  1. Have CSS been flexible with your employment? 

What staff said:

  • ‘CSS are very good with you. If you need more or less hours they will do their best to accommodate you’
  • ‘Yes, when I came back off maternity leave they agreed that I could work the one shift I could do which works around my children. They ring me when I’m due training in plenty time so I can arrange child care’
  • ‘Yes, they have if I have needed a shift changing or needed time off, they have sorted this out for me’
  1. What do CSS want you to achieve?

What staff said:

  • ‘They like everyone to do all courses to help you with job, also keep up to date with Policies & Procedures so that you can do your job correctly and be the best you can’
  • To do my job the best I can’
  • Be a good outstanding support worker and do the job to the best of your ability’
  1. How does CSS keep in touch with you to ensure you are settled in your job role?

What staff said:

  • ‘Regular supervisions and appraisals’
  • ‘Through supervision and appraisals and via phone’
  • ‘Portal, regular team meetings’

     5. Staff were asked if they had any ideas that would help us improve their experience with CSS?

What staff said:

  • ‘A 2 week rolling rota would be much better so I am able to make appointments etc’

What CSS said:

We have previously piloted providing 4 weekly rotas to employees but found that due to the flexibility of our service delivery and our passion to meet the ever changing needs of people who use the service, we were having to regularly contact employees to change their rotas. This resulted in employees being fed up with constant changes to their original rota and us being unable to meet service user request as some employees had made personal arrangements and couldn’t meet the new request. We always do our utmost to make arrangements so employees can attend personal appointments.

We believe that our staff are trained to the highest standard, which can then be actioned in their support work.

We believe that choosing the correct training provider to meet our needs is essential to promote growth in our company. Feedback from our staff about the training they received at Best Practice Training, and their improved knowledge and work standards, showed us that we have found the best training provider.

Best Practice Training identified our organisational needs and then designed a high quality and effective training tailored specifically for us. Below is some reviews left by our staff to the trainer about their training sessions.

Farzana A:

The course was well presented. Thank you.

Angela B:

The training was delivered in a way that was easy to understand, makes you look at the bigger picture, a very good and enlightening course.

Natalie B:

Fantastic course, very very interesting and everyone engaged really well. Very appropriate in my work.

David G:

Training is such an important part of our job, so doing it at Best Practice is great.

Danny H:

Well delivered training as always.

Sammy OS:

Gave a better understanding on what medication is about and why it should be challenged by other professionals and families

Debbie O:

Enjoyable session, informative and keeps everyone involved.

Megan T:

I really enjoyed this training session, it was interactive, fun and full of useful knowledgeable information which I can use on a day to day basis. Claire delivered the training amazingly. Thank you!