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Our Company Champions


David Green

Wellbeing Champion and Supported Loving Champion

I’ve worked for CSS since March 2015 and I am a well-being and Supported Loving Champion.  

As part of my role as a well-being champion at CSS I have completed a mental health first aid course.  I am a good listener and non-judgemental.  I have helped several people, talked and listened to them and mediated situations between them and management where required.  The reason I wanted to be a well-being champion is the same reason I wanted to be a support worker, I enjoy listening to people and helping them in any way I can. 

I suffered with serious depression and suicidal thoughts in my younger years', and understand it can happen to anyone and sometimes all we need, is to know that someone cares and will listen. Anything said to me is in total confidence and I would only approach management with an issue with the person’s authorisation. 

Recently I have become one of CSS’s supported loving champions.  I did this as I feel it’s really important to help the people we support in every way possible and feel this is an area that we can build on to improve the support we provide. 


Damian Leo Jones

Wellbeing Champion

I wanted to become a volunteer champion at CSS because I like to help people. I feel like I’m able to help people as I find ways to keep my own mind and body healthy by going to the gym and seeing my family and friends. If I’m able to help just one person that would mean the world to me.



Renait Louise Southernwood

Wellbeing Champion

I wanted to become a well-being champion so I can help other people because it’s not nice if you are feeling down and don’t have anyone to talk to. I also work at Huddersfield University helping to interview people for the disability nursing course. I also volunteer at the British Heart Foundation and Oxfam.



Michaela Vear
Supported Loving Champion

Supporting people to have safe and meaningful relationships is really important.  I wanted to be involved with the supported loving champion role to help to remove the social stigma around relationships, sex and sexuality for people with learning disabilities.  Just because someone has a learning disability doesn’t mean they do not have the right to experience relationships and love. They have the same feelings and desires as everyone else and should be supported to explore this. 


As a supported loving champion, I am also involved in the training and development of our staff at CSS, developing their knowledge and experience within this area, so they can provide outstanding support.

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