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Supported Living


We are very experienced in supporting people to move to supported living tenancies and have been doing this since 1999. We are fortunate to support many people to maintain their own tenancies throughout Calderdale. Some people live alone, and others choose to share their property with others.

Whilst providing support and guidance we focus on helping each person reach their maximum independence and reduce their reliance on paid support. 

We support people to be proud of their home and work closely with individuals to get their properties just how they like them.

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Our support teams are highly trained and work on the premise that they are guests in the individual's home, always ensuring they respect the individual and their space.


We acknowledge that moving into supported living services can sometimes be daunting. We make sure we support the transition at the individual's pace, arranging tea visits and overnight stays until they are confident that it is the right place for them to live. As part of the moving process, we make sure we consult with the individual and their current support network, which could include family, friends, other key professionals, and important people in the person’s life.

Together we build a detailed support plan which includes how the person wants to be supported, what is important to them, what their goals and aspirations are and how we can help the person achieve this. Along with the individual we regularly review the support plan to make sure it is current and reflects what the person wants and evidences the achievements and goals reached.  


We consult with the individual at every stage of their support ensuring they are in control of the decisions that affect their life.

We want people to be happy where they live and help people to feel part of their local community by accessing local groups, social activities and local resources.

Experience tells us that people want to choose the support staff they have in their homes. To facilitate this, tenants play a huge role in our recruitment drives. This includes deciding what questions are important to ask, being part of the interview panel through to choosing who will support them.   

Enjoying life and having fun is a big part of life in supported living. We regularly support people with holidays to exciting places, we hold celebration events and work in partnership with other supported living providers.


Quotes from our Supported Living Tenants


“The thing I like the most about living in supported living is my staff”



“I am happy in supported living and love my home, CSS staff help me to become more independent”



“Since I’ve moved into my home I have learned lots of new things. I love my staff they are excellent”

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