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Driving up Quality

At CSS we are passionate about improving the services we offer to people. 


We fully accept that we have a responsibility to ensure the people who use our services are happy with our provision and are instrumental in helping us continually drive up the quality services that we provide.  Our aim is to provide both staff and service users with a positive experience at all times. 


We have several external auditors such as the CQC, CQS, BSI 9001:2015, Calderdale Council Compliance, Health and Safety Compliance, along with our internal monitoring systems which support our drive to be the best we can be. 


We recognise that quality can only be maintained if self analysis is carried out in a transparent way to identify areas that could be tweaked, altered or stopped. 


Driving Up Quality makes us look at ourselves in a critical way, for the benefit of the people we support and employ and helps us ensure our services are designed and shaped around the person rather than the person having to fit into our service.  


We are proud of our company ethos of providing Person Centred support, ensuring the individuals we support are at the centre of everything we do. 

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